Return to Life Challenge Week 2…Bad Girl πŸ˜ˆ

(Yes, I did do a strip search.)

I’ve been a bad bad girl…

   So this week instead of two days off, I took three. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I chose sleep on Friday afternoon. I needed rest so I could adventure! (More on that later.) I chose sleep again on Sunday morning. I needed rest so I could properly boo the patriots. 

   For a kid who never took naps and barely ever slept as a child, I’ve been choosing sleep a lot lately. My time management skills during the week need some work so I don’t collapse into a heap on Friday afternoon. 

   But oh-my-God was that end of the week nap magical…I felt like a princess! 

(Me feeling like a Princess after my nap Friday…Heading out to have an adventure with my Toro ❀)

The day of reckoning…

  Monday I made myself work extra extra hard. Not only did I do my Return to Life workout, I thought up many other punishments on the various Pilates apparatus. I had to pay for my crimes…with hard labor. 

   After taking a three day break I started to feel some of my old aches, especially one on the right side of my torso (I like to lean on that side when I drive…naughty naughty.) By Tuesday morning those  aches were gone and I felt great again. Yay! 

   I decided to do the bikini pictures every other week, so don’t worry, there will be a new one next week! 


Farida ❀

(No make up…no filter…all criminal.)


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