Pisces Eclipse Week Survival Guide…Spinning shit into Gold πŸ‘‘

Pinball Wizard

    By all accounts this week is batshit crazy. There is some intense cosmic forces at work and I won the astrological lottery by having these alignments hit my natal birth chart in several different ways.   

   In other words I was a mess this morning. A big ass crazy mess. Walking, talking, and working, but on the inside feeling like a pinball in outer space.  


 Lost at Sea

   Every astrologer I listened to or tarot card I pulled this week said the same thing…you have to “find your center”. What the hell?! How?! 

    From Monday on I felt like an epic failure. I was sleep and nutritionally deprived. Things seemed hectic everywhere I went. I wasn’t getting anything done on my long “To Do List”. I started to feel ultra sensitive, anxiety ridden, and overwhelmed.

    After work today I texted my friends and called my boyfriend. I complained for the umpteenth time in as many weeks about how exhausted I was. How I felt like a mess. How I needed to get myself together…work out harder, cook some veggies, go to bed earlier. Bless ’em for listening to me vent, but I did not feel better. I was still a mess and now I was starting to bore myself.

    I drove to the coffee shop near my house. I bought a fancy ass cup of coffee and got it “for here”. I sat down at an actual table to drink it. I took several breaths and began to listen to the music that was playing…International Colouring Contest by Stereo Lab. 

   I realized there was nothing I could do in this moment to fix my food/sleep/work out imbalance. It’s become a problem, and one that I need to stop talking about and just fix.

   I started writing a list of things I was grateful for. In no time I began to tear up, realizing how lovely my life is right now…despite my issues. Under the list I wrote a few things about myself that I love. I started to feel my sense of humour coming back. 

   I drove to the mechanic smiling with the sun shining on my face, singing at the top of my lungs. I stood in window of the lobby dancing and whistling along to Rocket Man on the loud speaker. I heard a laugh and turned to see one of the mechanics smiling at me. “Hi!” I said. “Keep on whistling that song!” He said. 

(Thanks to the wonders of Snap Chat I can safely drown in my mechanic’s waiting room…without even getting my hair wet!)

Are you drowning in your own shit this week? 

Here are some tips for treading water:

Stop it…
   Literally stop it. Stop doing anything for a minute or five. Take deep breaths. Inhale for at least eight to ten seconds…then let it all out. 

Look for the light…

  Look for the sun, someone smiling, music, children laughing…anything that brings you some measure of healthy joy and pleasure. Write a list of things you’re grateful for.

Let Go…

  If you can’t find the answer to a problem, or make things swing your way then just let go for a while. As soon as you surrender and stop trying to force things you’ll feel immediate relief! 

Be a Queen…

   When you’re spinning like a top, only you can make it stop. So focus on yourself. Remember that you’re royalty. Give yourself some TLC. Write down reasons why you’re a wonderful bad ass Queen. 

One Step at a Time…

   Put one foot in front of the other. You can’t always control what happens to you but you can definitely control how you react. So remember you’re a queen and don’t act like a peasant!

(Be a Queen πŸ‘‘)

We got this guys! 



*For more astrological insight check out the Leo King: 


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