Return To Life Challenge…Week 3 Sunshine and Swing Sets!Β 

(Sun bunny lyfe.)

Sugary Sleepy Shit Show

   Late Monday night, in a fit of productivity I decided to sort ALL of my clothes while binge watching Zelda on Amazon. I went to bed feeling like a bad ass. I woke up to my sisters droning alarm at 5:45AM. I woke up again for the land lord to bring by the fire Marshall. I finally woke up for good VERY LATE and VERY GRUMPY on V-day. 

   Valentine’s Day is usually one of my favorite days of the year but I was an angry mess. Decided not to have any coffee, it was late and I had early clients the next day. Whole Foods was a crazy crowded nightmare. I fought rush hour traffic to get my errands done and meet my sister and Bestie for our V-date. After sweet wine, strawberries, nutella, and cookies, I was over sugared and ready for bed. I slept very poorly. And the rest of my weeks workouts were tough.

  So no workout Tuesday. Three days this week with no workout. That’s not good. Being an angry sleepy mess during the week…also not good. I have got to get the sugar and sleep thing under control. 

(This pioneer woman appears to be wearing Mardi Gras beads.)

Weekend Warrior…Period.
   Joy of joys. My first moon cycle while on the challenge. As far as periods go it wasn’t bad! Despite the red river rage I fully enjoyed my weekend adventures, which included a tarot and tea party, a bonfire, sleeping in a cabin from the 1800’s, a huge antique mall and more. It’s a hard life I live… ❀❀❀

(Return of the bikini bottoms.)


   After days of doping myself on Advil during my period and a crap sleep/eat schedule during the week I had some aches and pains. The ghost of sciatica haunted me for exactly one day. I did my workout, modifying where I needed to and the pain was gone by morning. 

   My goals now are getting enough sleep during the week, eating more and healthier. 

Keep on truckin’!  xoxo



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