Return to Life Challenge: Falling off the Wagon…Climbing back on!

Falling off the wagon…

I am two weeks late so here we go!

 I fell off the wagon. 


   Was I sitting around, binging on Netflix, eating copious amounts of sugar, and neglecting my workouts completely? No! And yes? I did binge watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the recommendation of one of my besties Mrs. Timberlake. I loved it…ohmygodiwantmylifetobeamusical!!!!!

    I also definitely did workout over the past two weeks. I averaged about three workouts a week…sometimes four. And I started a once a week new job that was an incredible motivation. So these were not baby workouts, I did Advanced reformer, tower, chair, and my Return to Life Mat during almost all of these workouts. One day I did “intermediate” Pilates reformer twice, high chair, and mat! If you don’t know what most of those terms mean, suffice it to say it’s ALOT. 

   The problem is consistency. And the whole point of this challenge was consistency! So it’s Monday and I’m getting back on the wagon. Missing one or even, gah, two days a week is acceptable but I have to get back to the challenge…while adding on everything else. 

That Devil Chocolate…

   I’ve been as of late drinking a lot of mocha lattes from Artifact coffee (I bring my own almond milk). The chocolate they use is divinity…but I’ll save that for another blog. I need to make sure those are a treat and not a daily practice!

   The other problem is I can have a cup of coffee in the morning and then not eat all day! Not good. Once caffeine fun time wears off, I am a shaking starving mess of a human being…ready to eat anything in my path.

Body language…

   I took these pics last week, and I think my work is starting to show!!! I find myself wearing my smaller skirts and feeling more free in my body! Just in the nick of time because this sunshine and warm weather are everything!!! You couldn’t pay me to go inside! (Ok…how much?) I love being so sweaty mid day, that I have to change to go out at night! Yay!

(Yes…I know. I’m working on clearer lighting and installing a full length mirror at my house. These are taken at my parents place.)

Climbing back on the wagon…so until next update!


Junkie for Joe


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