Look Ma! I’m drinking charcoal! 

(This ain’t no backyard barbecue…)

What the hell?

   Over the past few years activated charcoal lemonade has become an “it” drink. 

   It showed up on health blogs and in the hands of the sexy and fit then made its way across the country until it finally reached the juice bars and cute hipster eateries of D.C. and Baltimore.   

   Just in case you’re wondering…this is not your Dad’s grilling charcoal. Activated charcoal is usually made of wood or coconut shells. It was long used as a method of poison control. The charcoal is said to grab impurities as it travels through your stomach and intestines. 

(DO NOT put this in your mouth.)

   Activated charcoal is now a darling in natural health circles. It’s touted as a powerful detoxifier in cleanses and many people swear by it for tooth whitening. (Yes I will try that and write about it…stay tuned!) In trendy eateries and juice bars it shows up in lemonades, ice cream, and even brownies!

Black Hole Sun…

   I chose to try the “Black Lemon-Aid” from Pure Raw Juice, one of my favorite juice places in the city. It tasted good…tangy, sweet, cold, and refreshing. Mercifully the charcoal is rather flavorless. 

   It turned my teeth black, it turned my tongue black, and about 24-48 hours later it turned my shit black. Luckily it’s pretty easy to gargle and brush off. I would recommend drinking it with a straw…which is smart to do with anything acidic so you don’t destroy your tooth enamel. 


   I felt pretty good after drinking it, but a little dehydrated. With any kind of powerful detoxifier like charcoal, you need to up your water intake as much as possible. The body needs extra water to help flush out any toxins…and flush out the charcoal (which presumably surfed my intestines picking up stray garbage to emerge as Batman poo). I usually drink 60 – 70 oz of water a day and I ended almost doubling that for the 24 hours after I drank the charcoal lemonade. 

Final Thoughts…

   I’d be interested to see how this would work with the master cleanse. If you substituted the charcoal lemonade for some of the regular that you drink during that cleanse, would it effect the results? I don’t know…and I’m not super interested in doing a cleanse at the moment. 

   If you’ve had any close encounters/success stories  with charcoal I want to hear about ’em! Share ’em below!





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