Happy Gemini New Moon! Now here is me hauling some garbage…

This is me, maybe two weeks ago driving to Columbia with several giant bags of trash in my back seat. 

Because life is a mess. 

We are confronted with soul destroying, gut wrenching tragedy everyday. On the news, and sometimes right in front of our faces. We feel helpless. 

We read our favorite blogs and follow our favorite ultra fabulous instagram heroes. Today with perfect hair and makeup they spent the day in a hammock, drinking an oat milk latte, and planning their next trip to Bali. Because once they were in a dead end job just like you. They felt trapped just like you. And now everything is perfect everyday. 

We don’t want to hear about their truly shitty days, unless they figured out how to overcome their vague obstacles in a neat and tidy way. We want inspiration. We want to know there is a way to a better life. Where we look camera ready everyday and only have FANTASTIC, MAGICAL days.

Sometimes I’m biking on the boardwalk with the man of my dreams. Sometimes I’m in my car with several bags of trash because my sister and I missed trash day and I can’t live another minute with the smell of two weeks worth of garbage. 

Sometimes I feel so frustrated and lost that I could stand outside and scream. Then the Gemini New Moon comes and makes me feel a little more flexible, a little more hopeful. 

Thank goodness for those crazy Geminis. They are not afraid to live in the moment even if that moment smells like garbage. They are not afraid to make fun of themselves and everything. They are not afraid to be themselves. And that’s a beautiful thing. Here’s to you Geminis figuring out how to make life a little more fun! And here’s to all of us still trying to figure things out! May we approach life with a mischievous smile, and a light heart! Happy Gemini New Moon! 😘