It’s Monday again in Bawlmer…

Park Avenue at 1050am…

The construction workers are all lined up in a row…Sitting legs splayed out in front of them eating their lunches…It’s like walking down a runway except you’re wearing your nightgown with a sweatshirt and a big pair of sunglasses…Some of them are leering at you…Some staring at their phones…One man had his large lunch spread out on top of a stoop, sitting with his back to the sidewalk against the railing…

The Coffee Shop…

When I get depressed about where I live, its helpful to pop in and remember that my neighborhood has the best chai in Baltimore…And possibly the best chai in Maryland…The baristas really don’t want you there for the most part…They play music that sounds like a collection of dissonant mechanical sounds…You feel like a factory worker on a bad acid trip…


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