It’s Monday again in Bawlmer…

Park Avenue at 1050am…

The construction workers are all lined up in a row…Sitting legs splayed out in front of them eating their lunches…It’s like walking down a runway except you’re wearing your nightgown with a sweatshirt and a big pair of sunglasses…Some of them are leering at you…Some staring at their phones…One man had his large lunch spread out on top of a stoop, sitting with his back to the sidewalk against the railing…

The Coffee Shop…

When I get depressed about where I live, its helpful to pop in and remember that my neighborhood has the best chai in Baltimore…And possibly the best chai in Maryland…The baristas really don’t want you there for the most part…They play music that sounds like a collection of dissonant mechanical sounds…You feel like a factory worker on a bad acid trip…


August 2017 Inspirational Tarotscopes! It’s going to be a wild ride! 🔥😘💥

Here are my inspirational tarot scopes for this wild and wacky August that we’re heading into.

If you know your rising, moon, and sun sign…or you know you have clusters (more then one or two) of personal planets in the same sign (Moon, Mercury,Venus, Mars, or the North Node) then read for that sign too!

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Enjoy the journey…

You see something off in the distance. You feel something stirring in your heart. You may not be able to make it out quite yet, but something is forming. Let it be born. Head the call(ing), pay attention to it, but don’t rush.

Put on that crown you wear like a suit of armor. Sit on your throne. Enjoy the love, people, scenery, and sunshine that surrounds you as change bubbles up from deep within.



Walk the line.

“I keep a close watch on this heart of mine. I keep my eyes wide open all the time…”

Before I could even pull any cards this song played over and over in my head. And for some reason as I heard Johnny Cash’s voice I knew this was all you guys really needed to hear in regards to a message about August. I pulled a card for you anyway. Stare at the card and listen to the song. You are that tree in the storm.


I felt a huge rush of emotion as I contemplated August for Aries (my own sun sign)…Aries, your emotions are finally calming and the sun is coming up. Even if there is a storm brewing outside, here you are…standing strong and beautiful. Being real, being raw, being uniquely you. You are ready.


 1.) Please be easy on yourself and others.

2.) Meditate on birds this month. They don’t rush…they soar. They take in the incredible view. They feel the wind on their wings. Enjoy 🙂




Say what you need to say…

“It’s better to say too much, then never say what you need to say again.” I shudder to quote a John Mayer song, but there it is. Guess there’s a reason that guy is rich and has Grammys’!

 In your beautiful rich voice, say what you need to say. Even if at first it’s just to yourself. Then go forth. You’ve already picked a direction. Change isn’t easy for you but you’re going to enjoy this! And don’t you deserve some fun, love?

Stand in your truth. Declare it to yourself. To your love. The past has passed. Let it go! It’s time…

(And please listen to “Say” by John Mayer or read the lyrics: )


Watching the fireworks from a distance…

When I thought about you guys I immediately heard the song “Oh Yoko” by John Lennon. I felt a rush of emotion. You guys are searching. You’re looking for something real, something beautiful, something pure.

Embody that purity.

Take care of yourself. Say no to that second drink (or even the first). As you go about your daily life, turn your face to the sun. Listen to a happy song. Tap your feet. Smile at yourself in the mirror. There may be some fireworks this August in the world around you. Watch them from a distance.

Every now and then put your hand on your heart and take a few deep breathes. It’s coming. It’s already here.

(Listen to “Oh Yoko” by John Lennon: )


“Do you have any faith?”


Stop trying to use your rational mind for this.

Use the other part of you…

The toe curling, neck hair standing up, scalp tingling, Sufi spinning part of you…

Stop it! Stop thinking. Start spinning.

Take a look at the card I pulled for you this month. Don’t think about it. Don’t analyze it. Look at it and feel it.

Your song this month is “Do You Have Any Faith” by Zohar. Close your eyes and listen to it. Go outside and feel your bare feet in the grass. Dance and move your body in any way you feel.

That’s the part of you that you need to access this month!

(As a bonus, here’s one of my favorite belly dance performances to the same song: )




Be humble, sit down…

You guys wanted to be the first air sign this month. You popped in, practically jumping up and down in my head as I was working on Capricorn.

It’s not easy to say to you right now: “Have fun this month!”

“Expletive, expletive, expletive!” You say back to me. “That’s all?!”

No, that’s not all. Duh. But you know that…

And you know what the other part of this tarotscope is about.

It’s about silence.

Hard to hear when there’s two of you, both jumping up and down shouting.

I shit you not, my pen died as I wrote that last sentence. I dug out a new one just to tell you to be quiet. Have fun and be quiet! (So you can hear.)

(Humble by Kendrick Lamar )


As I was working on Gemini, my Libra best friend called. I knew I needed to work on Libra next. I heard Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour” in my head as I thought of you guys. Put it on! I’ll wait…
Ok. I need to tell you guys that you are wonderful. When you’re holding your friend who’s crying. When you’re encouraging everyone at work. When you see a dream in someone’s eye, and you squeeze their hand and smile at them. And they feel like they can do anything because you’re standing right behind them like a guardian angel.

You guys are wonderful.

Don’t even question for a second whether or not you deserve to be happy. You do. 

I’ve got to go call my Libra bestie now…😘



Wow. Last but definitely not least.

Wow. These cards (pictured above) practically hurled themselves out of the deck as I shuffled.

When I think of you guys this month, I think of the moment lightening struck Frankenstein and he opened his eyes.

Stevie Nicks once sang:

Lightening strikes, maybe once, maybe twice. Oh, and it lights up the night!”

She sings that at exactly one minute and eleven seconds into the song.


There are no coincidences this month, loves. 

Open your eyes. 

(Gypsy by Stevie Nicks ) 


I forgot you…I’m sorry! I wrapped up Aquarius and thought: “I’m done! Yay!” But lucky for you, my Scorpio rising sister reminded me. 

Here I am, deep in the woods, on the day of the New Moon in Leo writing for you guys as all manner of prehistoric bugs swirl around me and rains pours down over our canopy. (It’s heavenly.) 

Let’s start with Scorpio shall we?


In the shower before I left for my camping trip, I started thinking about Scorpio and hearing the song “With or Without You” by U2. I have no idea why. But you do.

(U2 “With or Without You” )
Something is going on…and you know it. You always know, until you don’t….

Sometimes that shadow in the dark is just a bush. The problem is, you can’t live like every bush is a monster.

You can’t live like that. Tense and hyper alert. You’ll miss the good things, the beautiful moments, the people who want to love you.

But if it’s monsters you want, you’ll get ’em.

But only if you want.


Field of dreams. Build it and they will come.

You’re crouching in the forest.

Your senses are heightened.

You’re waiting to pounce.

Your’re soaking everything in.

You’ll make your move. But first you need  to feel it out. You’re listening to yourself…to everyone around you.

That’s exactly where you need to be.

You are going to be ready.


What are you afraid of?

Your song this month is “The Air that Breathe” by The Hollies…(

That song is so you Pisces…Its beautiful.

You’re not good at the fine print. You want to float along the sea of good intentions without the fear of sharks in the water.

Or in the fine print.

The devil is in the details though. But details are such a burden to you…especially right now.

You might find that laying your burdens down and actually looking at them, will make you feel so much lighter!

So you can get back to floating..,

My make up routine…Or routine lack of make-up…

My entire beauty routine is based on eyeliner and underachievement

(What a metaphor for my life.) 

But it goes deeper then that…

My relationship with make-up is a resentful one. 

I hate being expected to do anything. Especially if that anything is an extensive daily routine of hiding parts of myself and highlighting other parts. 

(The metaphors just keep on-a-comin’)

I don’t know why I feel this way and still wear eyeliner daily…and some days flat iron, wave, and curl my hair. My goal is to keep growing my hair until a flat iron is ridiculous and unnecessary. Thus further freeing myself from any sort of beauty routine bondage.

Lets be real…I still want to be pretty. I want to do as little as possible and be the most striking woman in the room. 
I’m willing to spend time and money on my health…working out, eating/cooking super healthy, using all natural products on my body. But I draw the line at make-up. 

A few years ago I turned 30. It was a particularly difficult time in my life. I was sitting at a desk all day, no exercise, eating whatever frozen or fast food garbage was easiest. My stress levels made things even worse. I weighed more then ever. I looked tired and rough. I was having panic attacks.

These days things are much better. I’m definitely not there yet. My goal is less to get back in shape and more to become consumed with all the things I love doing. Dancing, writing, singing, hooping, doing Pilates, being outside. Loving life so passionately that I find myself right back in my regular compact little frame. Then there won’t be any need to highlight my cheekbones, because they will be right there plain as day. 

This is not about being skinny. It hurts my heart that once upon a time I felt free enough to dance whenever I wanted, in front of anyone I wanted. And I let life beat me up enough to lose touch with that freedom. 

There are wrinkles now where there weren’t before. Aging scares me as much as the next person. I still refuse to wear anymore make-up. That may change…but I hope not. 

This is not a judgement piece on gals who do it up every morning and live that Sephora life. My face and body tell me loud and clear if I’m happy or not. And I want to do whatever I can to cultivate that happiness and wear it all over my face. That and some eyeliner are my current beauty routine. 




Seven Days of No Complaints….

   This was me on Sunday. Lying in a hammock. My life is pretty damn good right now. I have a lot to smile about…and a lot to be grateful for. I’m pretty damn happy. 

   So why was I on the phone today, catching up with an old friend and mostly complaining? Complaining about work, the city, day to day life, my own anxiety. I hung up the phone and thought what the hell was that? 

    Sure, the things I talked about were very real challenges for me. I certainly don’t want to be disingenuous and paint some perfect picture when life is a mixed bag. But why is it so hard to talk about the good things? Why is it so much easier to complain to my friends then it is to talk about how happy I am? 

   The Farida I like best is the one who sings, skips, and dances all day. She’s sunny and funny. That Farida has been around a lot more lately. Which means despite the many challenges and things to figure out in my life, I’m pretty damn good. 

     Last week on Instagram I saw this post: 

   Seven days of no complaining seemed like a good idea to me. So I tried it. And failed miserably. 

   I’ve decided that I’m going to try again starting tomorrow. For three days I’m not going to complain at all. My goal is to catch the complaints when they’re still just bitchy, whiny little thoughts floating around in my head. 

So I’m off to an early bed…I figure getting some extra sleeps will make day one much easier.



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Happy Gemini New Moon! Now here is me hauling some garbage…

This is me, maybe two weeks ago driving to Columbia with several giant bags of trash in my back seat. 

Because life is a mess. 

We are confronted with soul destroying, gut wrenching tragedy everyday. On the news, and sometimes right in front of our faces. We feel helpless. 

We read our favorite blogs and follow our favorite ultra fabulous instagram heroes. Today with perfect hair and makeup they spent the day in a hammock, drinking an oat milk latte, and planning their next trip to Bali. Because once they were in a dead end job just like you. They felt trapped just like you. And now everything is perfect everyday. 

We don’t want to hear about their truly shitty days, unless they figured out how to overcome their vague obstacles in a neat and tidy way. We want inspiration. We want to know there is a way to a better life. Where we look camera ready everyday and only have FANTASTIC, MAGICAL days.

Sometimes I’m biking on the boardwalk with the man of my dreams. Sometimes I’m in my car with several bags of trash because my sister and I missed trash day and I can’t live another minute with the smell of two weeks worth of garbage. 

Sometimes I feel so frustrated and lost that I could stand outside and scream. Then the Gemini New Moon comes and makes me feel a little more flexible, a little more hopeful. 

Thank goodness for those crazy Geminis. They are not afraid to live in the moment even if that moment smells like garbage. They are not afraid to make fun of themselves and everything. They are not afraid to be themselves. And that’s a beautiful thing. Here’s to you Geminis figuring out how to make life a little more fun! And here’s to all of us still trying to figure things out! May we approach life with a mischievous smile, and a light heart! Happy Gemini New Moon! 😘

Look Ma! I’m drinking charcoal! 

(This ain’t no backyard barbecue…)

What the hell?

   Over the past few years activated charcoal lemonade has become an “it” drink. 

   It showed up on health blogs and in the hands of the sexy and fit then made its way across the country until it finally reached the juice bars and cute hipster eateries of D.C. and Baltimore.   

   Just in case you’re wondering…this is not your Dad’s grilling charcoal. Activated charcoal is usually made of wood or coconut shells. It was long used as a method of poison control. The charcoal is said to grab impurities as it travels through your stomach and intestines. 

(DO NOT put this in your mouth.)

   Activated charcoal is now a darling in natural health circles. It’s touted as a powerful detoxifier in cleanses and many people swear by it for tooth whitening. (Yes I will try that and write about it…stay tuned!) In trendy eateries and juice bars it shows up in lemonades, ice cream, and even brownies!

Black Hole Sun…

   I chose to try the “Black Lemon-Aid” from Pure Raw Juice, one of my favorite juice places in the city. It tasted good…tangy, sweet, cold, and refreshing. Mercifully the charcoal is rather flavorless. 

   It turned my teeth black, it turned my tongue black, and about 24-48 hours later it turned my shit black. Luckily it’s pretty easy to gargle and brush off. I would recommend drinking it with a straw…which is smart to do with anything acidic so you don’t destroy your tooth enamel. 


   I felt pretty good after drinking it, but a little dehydrated. With any kind of powerful detoxifier like charcoal, you need to up your water intake as much as possible. The body needs extra water to help flush out any toxins…and flush out the charcoal (which presumably surfed my intestines picking up stray garbage to emerge as Batman poo). I usually drink 60 – 70 oz of water a day and I ended almost doubling that for the 24 hours after I drank the charcoal lemonade. 

Final Thoughts…

   I’d be interested to see how this would work with the master cleanse. If you substituted the charcoal lemonade for some of the regular that you drink during that cleanse, would it effect the results? I don’t know…and I’m not super interested in doing a cleanse at the moment. 

   If you’ve had any close encounters/success stories  with charcoal I want to hear about ’em! Share ’em below!




Return to Life Challenge: Falling off the Wagon…Climbing back on!

Falling off the wagon…

I am two weeks late so here we go!

 I fell off the wagon. 


   Was I sitting around, binging on Netflix, eating copious amounts of sugar, and neglecting my workouts completely? No! And yes? I did binge watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the recommendation of one of my besties Mrs. Timberlake. I loved it…ohmygodiwantmylifetobeamusical!!!!!

    I also definitely did workout over the past two weeks. I averaged about three workouts a week…sometimes four. And I started a once a week new job that was an incredible motivation. So these were not baby workouts, I did Advanced reformer, tower, chair, and my Return to Life Mat during almost all of these workouts. One day I did “intermediate” Pilates reformer twice, high chair, and mat! If you don’t know what most of those terms mean, suffice it to say it’s ALOT. 

   The problem is consistency. And the whole point of this challenge was consistency! So it’s Monday and I’m getting back on the wagon. Missing one or even, gah, two days a week is acceptable but I have to get back to the challenge…while adding on everything else. 

That Devil Chocolate…

   I’ve been as of late drinking a lot of mocha lattes from Artifact coffee (I bring my own almond milk). The chocolate they use is divinity…but I’ll save that for another blog. I need to make sure those are a treat and not a daily practice!

   The other problem is I can have a cup of coffee in the morning and then not eat all day! Not good. Once caffeine fun time wears off, I am a shaking starving mess of a human being…ready to eat anything in my path.

Body language…

   I took these pics last week, and I think my work is starting to show!!! I find myself wearing my smaller skirts and feeling more free in my body! Just in the nick of time because this sunshine and warm weather are everything!!! You couldn’t pay me to go inside! (Ok…how much?) I love being so sweaty mid day, that I have to change to go out at night! Yay!

(Yes…I know. I’m working on clearer lighting and installing a full length mirror at my house. These are taken at my parents place.)

Climbing back on the wagon…so until next update!


Junkie for Joe